Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Over the last few months, my work has evolved which means JoJoBell is evolving as well.  As a multimedia artist, I value forging my own path. When spring begins I will launch a new website to debut the entire collection of art I am currently creating. 

I feel this art is a culmination of all I have learned during my life long season of development. Can you envision a mixture of techniques? My greatest hope is that it offers you a new experience.

My new website will go live March 1, 2015.  In the meantime I will share sneak peeks at what is happening in the studio and how life is a living learning laboratory when it comes to making art here on my blog. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hanging By A Thread

Sometimes you find yourself hanging by a thread.

Sometimes one thread is all you need.
Keep holding on my friends,

Friday, September 5, 2014

Here Little Wormy

Good Morning World!  
Hello hot, humid, heavy days of late summer!
Hi there hungry tomato horn worm.  I do not remember inviting you into my garden.

I was really looking forward to warm sweet juicy tomatoes.  
I was craving fresh BLT sandwiches on sourdough bread.
But instead I have 10 barren tomato plants that only produced a hand full of little fruits.

However, I have no choice but to be amazed by the ferocious appetite of your species.  Your tribe of aggressive brothers and sisters have the most astonishing drive to do what you do best.  
Despite my loss,of yummy goodness, I am inspired.

I made four pencil drawings.
I took a lesson from you, little worm, and did not let unnecessary distractions keep me from my will to create.

My housework had to wait.
My imagination was more important. My work was more important.  

My job as an artist, mother, and wife, those are what really matter.  Those are what I am here for. 

Just as the horn worm relentlessly drives on to do the work he was put here to do.  So must I.

In a couple weeks these botanical drawings will be ready for you.  

Drive on my friends,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Spirited One

Last spring I was honored to witness a beautiful thing…

He is my heart. She is my soul.

A little something I made for the Momma me.

The Red Headed Girl

The Red Headed Girl

She did not know how long this path was or where it would take her.
What she did know was that the goldenrod was blooming.
She could smell the earthy fragrance dance down the trail on the autumn breeze.
Pollen filled sunrays tickled her nose teasing her as she makes passage.
Faithfully the goldenrod marks the end of summer.
She tightened her grip on her walking stick.
It helps to steady her feet, as the terrain will soon change.
She calls it the staff of the goldenrod.
With it she walks from the season of development into maturity.

She is not frightened, only excited about what she will discover.

11 x 14 signed Giclee Print  (with an additional 1 ½ inch white border)
Printed on Fine Art Paper with Archival Inks
A copy of The Red Headed Girl poem will be included.
From original mixed media art work by Joanne Harrill.
watercolor, acrylic, pencil, colored pencil, ink

Prints are shipped flat and sealed within a plastic envelope for protection.
Available at

Faithfully the Goldenrod Marks the End of Summer

It seems like I could walk a path for days and never tire, well, not emotionally.  Somehow the plodding of each step forward is like a quiet metronome moving me happily along.  It mimics the ticking of my heartbeat and sound of life.  The added heaviness of my breath is like a small melody that breaks in and reminds me of a song.  I can’t remember the name of song, but it’s so familiar.   Its rhythm seems to be a connection to something much bigger.  Infinitely bigger than me, but yet I know I am a part of it’s being.  I know I am not alone; I have the world at my feet.